stad - automatic weighing systems

STAD is a designer and manufacturer of weighing and/or dosing systems, machines and automatic plants. Our strength derives from the professionalism of our founders and their many years of experience in the plant engineering sector. Our engineers target the development and customisation of machines according to the specific requirements of the Customer and features of the product to be dosed. This experience has led us to expand the market for STAD systems - already widely used with machines dedicated to different production cycles in the ceramics industry - to any industry with a need to handle products in bulk: dye works, cement factories, manufacturers of adhesives for the building industry, concrete mixing equipment, foundries, glassworks, equipment for ecology, plastics, detergents, food, zootechnics, fodder industry, etc. Flagship STAD products are weighing and dosing systems suitable for continuous duty cycles with capacity controlled via weighing belts or gravimetric dosing systems. The extreme flexibility of the STAD structure allows us to offer customised solutions to meet any dosing requirement: batch weighing, master-slave systems, dosing according to recipes managed by PLC and/or PC.

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