Instrument in the box to be mounted in front of the panel.
LCD 5.2" TOUCH SCREEN Display.
Front protection rating IP65.
The COBRA 365 not only integrates weight and speed variables to generate the instantaneous flow rate per hour and the total weight, but also performs the function of automatic flow rate regulator.

cobra365 dosing flow rate regulator


Maintaining of the flow rate SET POINT through PID control of the analogue output, with an alarm output for flow rate out of tolerance;
Continuous transmission of the instantaneous flow rate detected by the analogue output proportional to it.
Ability to set, for batching, the preset, set and flight values with pulse outputs upon reaching the values. Possibility of setting the SET POINT via analogue input, and having extra analogue output for effective flow rate transmission in addition to the standard regulation output.
Calculation of the weight total of dosed material with transmission by impulse output and possibility to deliver to a 24-column printer via RS232 port.
Programming of up to 15 different set points of work, settable via BCD inputs.
Freezing of the analogue output value by means of logic input, in order to present it again on restart and avoid the initial pendulation of the system (which runs all 15 set points).
Ability to display, during operation, I/O status, the current weight, current speed, the encoder pulses and the correction factor set.
Procedures for the zero setting with moving belt and calibration with material loaded with consequent factor correction.
It can be connected with PC / PLC using communication protocols ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Profibus and Profinet IO (optional).

STAD reserves the right to modify product characteristics without prior notice.
Power supply and consumption 12 - 24Vdc 10W
CPU - Microcontroller RISC 32 bit - 44MHz
Number of load cells in parallel and power supply max 8 (350 ohm) - 5Vdc / 120mA
Serial outputs RS232 / RS485 / USB Device, Ethernet
A/D Converter 24bit
Protection rating IP65
Display resolution (divisions) 10,000
Internal resolution up to 600,000
Reading resolution 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x
Logic outputs 6 on photo relays
Logic outputs electrical data (ea.) max 30Vdc - 60mA
Logic inputs 6 opto-isolated
Logic inputs electrical data (ea.) 12/24Vdc PNP
Analogue outputs 16bit (V and mA)
Analogue input 24bit (V and mA)
Encoder power supply 24Vdc
Encoder input two-phase PP max 2KHz
Max working temperature and humidity -10 / +50C 85% (s.c.)
Box dimensions 196x105x10mm
Drilling template 187x97mm