NPS/C - Enclosed weighing belt

The NPS-C series weighing belt is recommended for dosing materials in powder or granules, with a working flow rate of approx. 300 - 50,000 kg/h.
The enclosure ensures that only the minimum amount of powders are dispersed into the environment.
The base model is complemented by different customisable versions according to the production requirements.
The belt can work as an extractor from silos or hoppers, allowing use as a fixed-capacity dosing system in the production of mixes at continuous cycle.
The COBRA 365 control unit also permits its use as a weight total counter, set weight dosing system, or master/slave percentage dosing system.

powder weighing belt
STAD reserves the right to modify product characteristics without prior notice.
Load bearing frame Extruded aluminium profiles
Raised frame Carbon steel
Filling and discharge hoppers Optionals in stainless steel
Belt With calibrated jointing in various materials according to application
Sides Optionals in steel and soft strips according to application
Casing Integral
Weighing system Off center double load cell C3
Speed control Incremental encoder 1000 pulse/rev
Junction boxes Available for load cell and encoder junction
Optional three-phase multi-voltage or semi-vector asynchronous motor
Servo-ventilation Optional according to application
Vibration damping supports In rubber and 60ShA steel
ATEX conformity Available as an option for ATEX 22 zones