PPS - conveyor belt scale

Weighing bridges are used to transform a conveyor belt into a weighing device.
The application of flow rate quantifying systems makes it possible to optimise and control the use of raw materials, such as the feeding rate to mills, crushing mills or screens, or the quantity of product exiting the process.
PPS weighing bridges are specially designed and built for the structure of the specific belt they will be installed on. This feature greatly facilitates the installation, limits the modifications the installer has to make to put them into service and guarantees the best result possible in terms of precision and reliability.
They are characterised by a robust mechanical construction with load cells with high overload coefficient (available as an option are stainless steel cells).
A typical supply includes the mechanics of the PPS on which to apply the existing three rollers (suitably modified according to our drawings), the junction box for the load cells and the encoder.
Combined with the weighing bridge is the COBRA 365 control unit, which makes it possible to use the belt as a total counter of the conveyed material or else as a fixed-capacity dosing system (in this case the belt must be an extractor). The weight and the flow rate detected can be transmitted in several ways (pulse, analogue, serial with different protocols).

belt bridge weighing scale
STAD reserves the right to modify product characteristics without prior notice.
Load bearing frame Carbon steel or stainless steel
Surface treatment Powder and/or zinc-coated
Load cells Off center C3
Encoder Incremental encoder 1000 pulse/rev
Casing Carbon steel or stainless steel
Weighing station height regulation system With threaded bar
Load cell block system With screw
Control unit COBRA 365
Junction boxes Available for load cell and encoder junction
Load cell IP protection rating IP65 or IP67 (according to application)
Encoder IP protection rating IP56 or IP66 (according to application)
Electrical control panel Available as an option
ATEX conformity Available as an option for ATEX 22 zones